Adamantine® Yoga empowers everyday people to become extraordinary yoga practitioners.

From my studio at 4119 Rollins Ave, Des Moines, IA, or in the comfort of your own home.

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No matter your experience level, Adamantine® Yoga Guided Self-Practice classes cater to your unique needs.

Our friendly neighborhood studio and supportive community create the ideal environment for finding balance, strength, and inner peace.

Guided Self-Practice is an open forum where you can drop in and do your practice of Adamantine® Yoga with personalized supervision. Come at the time that’s most convenient for you, and get the experience you need that day, every day.

Class Schedule:
  • Monday to Friday: 6-9 am
  • Monday to Thursday: 4-6 pm

My name is James Miller, and I am the Founder of Adamantine® Yoga.

In the name of movement, I’ve done it all. I was first certified as a personal trainer at 19. I ran distance, lifted weights, did cross-fit, I even spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. But I’ve never found anything quite like yoga.

I started practicing yoga at 25. I’m now 52 years old and I move better than ever before. Over the years I’ve studied with all of the top industry experts, apprenticed under esoteric yoga masters, and read almost every book written on the subject twice. But my own exploration led me to create something different, Adamantine® Yoga; a systematic approach to mastering human mobility.

It is my practice of Adamantine® Yoga that has radically transformed my experience of my body and helped heal the thousands of people who I’ve had the privilege of sharing it with. Some of their stories are below.

If you’re seeking a way to discover the best expression of yourself physically, mentally, even spiritually you’re in the right place.

About Adamantine® Yoga

Adamantine® Yoga is a set sequence of 18 yogic positions that map human mobility.

It’s an elegant choreography of breath and movement that will lengthen and strengthen your body, quiet your mind, and shine your spirit. It’s possibly the most challenging yoga practice there is, and no-one has mastered it yet. At the same time it’s infinitely scalable, and it can meet your needs right where you’re at today, whether you’re a novice practitioner or an experienced yogi.

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Read the testimonials below to hear about the experience our community members are having . . .

An avid runner in my 60's, sore and injured much of the time, I was searching for another form of physical fitness when a friend introduced me to James Miller and Adamantine Yoga. I never would have dreamed that at the age of 70, I would be stronger, more flexible, and more balanced that at any previous time in my life! That is exactly where I am - not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. This powerful form of moving meditation enables me to face each day with greater acceptance, peace and gratitude. It has truly been life changing!

Debbie Hubbell

My love for Adamantine® began well before the engagement. In fact, it appeared as a desire to have what someone else possessed. I hadn’t seen my friend in many years until we crossed paths and re-connected. Peace, light, boundless energy, curated speech, (not to mention the chiseled muscles of her shoulders) were a few of the changes I noticed about her. Listening to her story is what propelled me to contact James Miller that very same day.

What I didn’t know at the time but would soon discover, my new relationship with Adamantine® would reveal the need for deeper connection with someone else; someone I had avoided for 50 years . . . myself. With the intentional application of tenants and daily practice of moving meditation, I am exploring what it means to release long-held beliefs and patterns mentally, physically, and spiritually. The direction & path are provided by James and the community produces the support. Adamantine® Yoga allows me to finally possess what I desire

Amy Berger

Adamantine® Yoga is like a superfood for the fitness world. I’ve been practicing Adamantine® Yoga for just over 2 years, and now, at the age of 60, I am stronger, leaner, more flexible, and a much calmer person than I have ever been in my life. Adamantine® Yoga is a moving meditation that can be done anywhere by anyone, from entry level to elite level. I begin each day on my mat, and at the end of my 45-minute practice, I am energized and ready to take on the day. Adamantine® Yoga isn’t for everyone, but if you are ready to commit to finding the best version of yourself, the payback from this practice is unparalleled. I feel so fortunate to call myself part of this inspiring community and can’t imagine my life without it.

Karolyn Graham

Adamantine Yoga isn’t just “ going to a daily class” it’s SO much more! The self guided aspect of this practice is very addicting because it allows you to really dive deep and see what you are capable of physically and mentally. I’ve been practicing for 8 years now and my daily life has been impacted for the better ever since. James Miller , founder , is so incredibly knowledgeable of this style and really helps you find your way in this yoga journey and is always there for support and guidance and I don’t know many , if any, someone so dedicated to helping others grow . I don’t want to know who I’d be without this practice !

Allison Brienzo

I am turning 53 today and I’ve been practicing Adamantine Yoga for over a decade. The sequence is brilliant and balanced, and dedicated practice brings about an integration of your whole self.

Over the years, Adamantine has given me different things at different times. Courage, confidence, self-awareness, flexibility, and accountability. But the three most important things I’ve received from this practice are: Strength – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to live this life with purpose. Creativity – this practice has opened me up for expression in ways I never knew possible. Wholeness – my Adamantine practice gives me a sense of being exactly where I am supposed to be and doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at any given moment. If you’re curious about yoga, I highly recommend contacting James Miller and giving Adamantine Yoga a try. It can change your life.

Melissa Harris

Adamantine ® is a well-balanced yoga sequence customized for you! Having experienced many years of yoga classes before Adamantine®, I would often leave class feeling like something was missing. Why am I not progressing in certain poses or my overall flexibility? I now know the missing element was having a consistent, well-thought-out yoga sequence. With James, I have learned this self-guided practice and am now achieving proper form in my yoga poses which has supported my progress. This practice empowers me to own my yoga journey and provides the ability to create sanctuary anywhere. I am able practice whenever I please- at home or while traveling. When I do need extra attention, I am able to practice in the studio for personalized assistance and coaching. I have now been practicing for 5 years. I have achieved things I never thought possible: correct form, strength, and the flexibility I always desired. At 57, I am in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally thanks to Adamantine®.

Sherry Clingman

My practice with Adamantine Yoga brings me serenity and joy. In addition to the enhanced mental fitness it provides , the physical benefits and increased flexibility are so important to me, even more so each year I get older. I love the guided self practice, in a calm setting without mirrors or anyone comparing skills. James has created a wonderful community of practitioners, and meets you where you are in the journey with positivity. Having Adamantine Yoga as a part of my life is very important to me.

Chris Irvine

I happened upon Adamantine® Yoga more by chance than intention, and I’m so grateful I did. It’s truly checked all the boxes for what I’d been seeking—a way to regain, improve, and maintain my physical and mental fitness as I get older. The Adamantine® practice allows me to proceed at my own pace, with ample opportunity for one-on-one instruction that’s not available in a one-size-fits-all group class. James Miller generously shares his abundant wisdom and passion for yoga in a way that inspires me daily, and the strong, Adamantine® Yoga community he’s built is unfailingly encouraging and supportive. I’ve gained more improvement in balance, strength, flexibility, and mental well-being in just under two years than I ever thought would be possible, and I’m eager to experience even more transformation as I continue practicing Adamantine® Yoga for many years to come.

Stephanie Riva

Prior to taking a basic training course, I didn’t know anything about Adamantine Yoga, but my general idea was to pick up yoga as an occasional complement to other workout options. The first thing I noticed in the training was how founder James Miller always framed feedback positively. The focus was on how beginning practitioners could modify the practice to suit our needs. The overall goals were to develop strength and flexibility, not on “how to get a bikini body in 10 days,” or other fitness-world nonsense.

For a time, I practiced here and there, making very gradual progress and still appreciating the positive feedback from James. After a year or so, I decided to try a more consistent practice, and I quickly learned that Adamantine Yoga is a dish best served daily (more specifically, six days a week). I could feel changes in my energy level, my (growing) muscles, and my enthusiasm for learning new skills and techniques.

Adamantine Yoga has come to replace all other forms of exercise for me (besides leisurely walks), but it is so much more than exercise. My daily practice gives structure to my morning routine. After practicing, whether at home or in the studio, I am ready for whatever the day brings. The sequence of movements is both familiar and challenging, with truly infinite opportunities to improve. Adamantine Yoga has made me stronger and fitter, as well as more grounded and mellow. This practice and the incredible Adamantine Yoga community have brought so much joy to my life.

Holly Kluever

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