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Since starting Adamantine® Yoga, I've not only strengthened my physical practice, but with the guidance of the knowledgeable teachers and the four Tenets, I've also grown emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I love the consistency of the sequence which, depending on how I feel, can be modified or expressed fully because it allows me to easily gauge my progress over time while empowering me to discover my highest potential each day. I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Ali Machedon

Certified Adamantine® Yoga Teacher - practicing since June 2017
I practice Adamantine® Yoga as self-care— for my soul, my mind and my body. Every morning, like a comb through my hair, it untangles my thoughts and unkinks my body. Literally and figuratively, it grounds and balances me while it teaches me to have the strength and coordination I need to become my best self. It stretches my expectations — and my body—and quiets my mind. There is nothing like it and I cannot imagine being without it.

Sally Cooper-Smith

Advanced Practitioner - practicing since May 2013
I highly recommended Adamantine Yoga to anyone desiring guaranteed progress towards a better quality of life!  Regardless of your current level fitness, this challenging practice offers opportunities for physical, emotional and spiritual development  through high standards of practice and discipline. I doubted the efficiency of the guided self practice, and questioned the effectiveness, but my skepticism was quickly dissuaded by the unquestionable result!

Marsha Malone

Intermediate Practitioner - practicing since April 2019
Practicing Adamantine for 4 years now, I can truly say it was the best decision of my life because it allows me grow stronger, become more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat, and has inspired me to live each moment mindfully. The fact that it’s a moving meditation along with the 20 poses really allows me to focus on breath and posture without distraction. I cannot imagine my life without this practice now!

Allison Brienzo

Advanced Practitioner - practicing since September 2014
It’s hard to put into words what my yoga practice means to me. It really snuck up on me. I started Adamantine® in February 2013 just to have something to help balance out my running and swimming workouts, and I knew I needed to manage stress better. As I practiced more consistently, I saw more improvements in my physical and emotional condition. It also gives me more clarity, courage, and peace about my life and the world. I’m a better person at work and at home because of what I learn and practice on the mat. It is hard to imagine myself now without this practice in my life. I can adjust it as needed and I have it with me wherever I go for business or pleasure. Truly amazing. I’m very thankful to James and Ann for their thoughtful and respectful guidance on this path.

Monica Wilke

Certified Adamantine® Yoga Teacher - practicing since February 2013
Adamantine Yoga has changed my life. It has helped me obtain and maintain a physical and mental balance in my life. It’s an equally challenging and rewarding practice, one that allows me to celebrate my successes while encouraging my development. When my day starts with Adamantine Yoga, I feel centered and complete. I’m so thankful for this practice!

Jennifer Neal

Advanced Practitioner - practicing since November 2014
Growing up, I was never athletic. I tried a handful of sports like gymnastics, soccer, track & field, tennis, and softball. I hated them all.
As I progressed through life, I started to despise any form of exercise. CrossFit? Nope. Running? Hell no. I just figured I wasn't destined to be fit or athletic.
It wasn’t until I discovered Yoga this past August, that I was able to surrender to something that was good for my body and feel satisfied. When I say yoga changed my life, I’m not talking about just any type of yoga, I’m talking about Adamantine® Yoga. There’s something so magical about this discipline that has helped me live my life on and off the mat in full expression mentally, physically, and spiritually.
I feel like I can go into my day showing up for myself fully, as well as show up for my patients after practicing. I have also learned from this practice that I can now exercise grace and nonviolence towards myself when things don’t go my way.
I now don’t know where I’d be without it. When I tell my patients to find a form of exercise they love, it won’t just be “exercise” anymore. It’ll just be something good for your body and your soul.

Dr. Rebecca Lake

Intermediate Practitioner - practicing since August 2018


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