Adamantine® Yoga empowers everyday people to become extraordinary yoga practitioners.

From my Des Moines, IA yoga studio, or in the comfort of your own home.

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My name is James Miller, and I am the Founder of Adamantine® Yoga.

In the name of movement, I’ve done it all. I was first certified as a personal trainer at 19. I ran distance, lifted weights, did the cross-fit thing, I even spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. But I’ve never found anything quite like yoga.

I started practicing yoga at 25. I’m now 52 years old and I move better than ever before. Over the years I’ve studied with all of the top industry experts, apprenticed under esoteric yoga masters, and read almost every book written on the subject twice. But my own exploration led me to create something different, Adamantine® Yoga; a systematic approach to mastering human mobility.

It is my practice of Adamantine® Yoga that has radically transformed my experience of my body and helped heal the thousands of people who I’ve had the privilege of sharing it with. Some of their stories are below.

If you’re seeking a way to discover the best expression of yourself physically, mentally, even spiritually you’re in the right place.

About Adamantine® Yoga

Adamantine® Yoga is a set sequence of 18 yogic positions that map human mobility.

It’s an elegant choreography of breath and movement that will lengthen and strengthen your body, quiet your mind, and shine your spirit. It’s possibly the most challenging yoga practice there is, and no-one (myself included) has mastered it yet. At the same time it’s infinitely scalable, and it can meet your needs right where you’re at today, whether you’re a novice practitioner or an experienced yogi.

Get Started

I’m teaching the next Beginner’s Course sometime soon. I start out with a no-risk, low-cost, Intro to Adamantine® Yoga class on a Saturday morning at 9 am. If you choose to continue on as member of our community we’ll meet every Saturday that month (same time) to get you up and practicing. Plus you can integrate the skills you learn each week by attending my daily classes as often as you like between sessions. All levels are welcome to join.

Daily Classes

My daily classes are unlike any other yoga studio experience you’ll ever have. I teach what I call Guided Self-Practice, and each morning, Monday through Friday from 5:45 - 8:00 am, I offer an open forum where you can drop in and do your practice of Adamantine® Yoga with my personal supervision.

Come at the time that’s most convenient for you, and get the experience you need that day, every day. I work closely with my members and I know each and every one of them well enough to co-create the practice that best fits their needs in the moment. This works fantastic, better than you can probably imagine, and definitely better than a crowded group-led yoga classes or an online video. Read the testimonials below to hear about the experience my current members are having . . .

Practicing Adamantine for 8 years now, I can truly say it was the best decision of my life because it allows me grow stronger, become more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat, and has inspired me to live each moment mindfully. The fact that it’s a moving meditation along with the 18 poses really allows me to focus on breath and posture without distraction. I cannot imagine my life without this practice now!

Allison Brienzo
Certified Adamantine® Teacher - practicing since September 2014

I practice Adamantine® Yoga as self-care— for my soul, my mind and my body. Every morning, like a comb through my hair, it untangles my thoughts and unkinks my body. Literally and figuratively, it grounds and balances me while it teaches me to have the strength and coordination I need to become my best self. It stretches my expectations — and my body—and quiets my mind. There is nothing like it and I cannot imagine being without it.

Sally Cooper-Smith
Advanced Practitioner - practicing since May 2013

I highly recommended Adamantine Yoga to anyone desiring guaranteed progress towards a better quality of life!  Regardless of your current level fitness, this challenging practice offers opportunities for physical, emotional and spiritual development  through high standards of practice and discipline. I doubted the efficiency of the Guided Self-Practice, and questioned the effectiveness, but my skepticism was quickly dissuaded by the unquestionable result!

Marsha Malone
Intermediate Practitioner - practicing since April 2019

Beginner’s course starts soon . . .

Get on the waitlist and be the FIRST to know when I open enrollment.